Due Date


IT IS NOT AN EXTENSION OF TIME TO PAY YOUR TAXES. An extension helps an individual or married couple avoid the 20% failure to file penalty by providing more time to file a complete and accurate return. When you file a return after April 15th after having an extension, you will still owe interest and penalties on any tax amount owed. These penalties are much less than the failure to file penalty (one half of one percent per month) so it is advisable to try and calculate how much you owe and pay that amount with your extension. If that is not possible, then it is still better to at least file the extension thus avoiding the aforementioned failure to file penalty.

Extension Fees

Do it yourself? (For Personal Extensions Only)

We've attached a link for federal and NY State extensions. Please be sure to mail in the federal extensions and retain a copy for your records as well as proof of postmark.


- When the browser opens click on the online service link to begin your state extension. The NY extension requires you to create an online account with them. If you are not comfortable with this process, please just hire us to do your extension for you.