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This page is designed to prepare new clients for the experience of their first appointment.

Make an Appointment or Drop-off Service?

Make an Appointment:

During tax season (January to May) our office is extremely busy. Our process to input your information and tax documents, and file your return will take 2-3 hours. This may seem like a long wait, but our process is very thorough so that we may ensure not only an accurate return but also set aside time to answer any questions. Please make sure you set the proper time aside so we may fully accommodate your needs. We provide free Wifi and there are neighboring cafes and stores if there is time in between the process.

What does our appointment process look like?

Prior to your appointment, please review our Tax Appointment Checklist to ensure you have all the appropriate and required documents necessary to file your return.

Check In

Data Input and Verification
Completion of Return

Drop-off Service:

Clients make appointments so they may discuss their tax situation with Joseph or Richard. Unless your tax return warrants discussion with a tax preparer, we encourage you to use our drop-off service. Please know that this process involves the same care and attentions as individuals who make appointments. While Joseph or Richard will finalize your return, you will only speak with our staff member handling your documents in the event they have questions or need further information. If you have a specific question for your tax preparer you can relay it through our staff member who will oversee the entire process of your return. Our receptionist will then call you upon completion. You may pay over the phone and we can email your documents, or you may come to pick up your copies.

If you would like to move forward with our drop-off service, please do the following:

1. You must fill out a Drop Off Form and send it as a cover page for your documents.

2. Click here to view our Tax Appointment Checklist.

3. Email Secure Files Here ** IMPORTANT: Please send your files as one PDF to be sure we do not miss any of your forms or documents, including your drop off sheet. If you prefer to fax your documents, please do at 718-832-4924.


Short Forms start at $200.00

Long Forms start at $400.00